Marine Baud

Student at the Master in Biodiversity, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

I am passionate about biodiversity, marine ecology and conservation. My main area of focus is identifying and studying the ecology of marine invertebrates in the intertidal zone. My work involves understanding how the landscape, habitat and geographical attributes affect the decapod assemblages in Posidonia oceanica meadows.

india findji

Erasmus + fellow

Student at the Master in Marine Biology of the University of Gröningen, The Netherlands

I am generally interested in how the ocean can help us cope with the environmental crisis we are facing. I believe ecosystem-based solutions are essential to tackle the many consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss, and I therefore wish to contribute to their implementation through my research. More specifically, I am interested in marine macrophytes and how the ecosystems they form can ameliorate environmental stress conditions, with beneficial effects for ocean health and societies. Throughout my master research project, I investigated the potential of Mediterranean seagrass ecosystems as chemical refugia against ocean acidification. This work was focused on in situ pH and dissolved oxygen data collected by multiparametric sensors to understand coastal biogeochemical dynamics and how these can locally be influenced by seagrass ecosystem metabolism.


JAE INTRO fellow at ICM-CSIC and student at the Master in Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration of the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Pol Hernández Gatell

Erasmus + fellow and student at the Master in Marine Biology of the University of Gröningen, The Netherlands                                                        

Angélique Meyer

Student at the Master in Marine Sciences, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain                                                                                                                          

Sinéad Cahill



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Graduate mentees

Julieta Gomez (Sonoma State University), Rachel Karm (Sonoma State University), Andreu Dalmau (Universitat de Barcelona), Marine Baud (Universitat de Barcelona), Laura Ros (Universitat de Barcelona).


Undergraduate interns and mentees

Martina Arasa (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona), Samantha Krausse (University of California, Davis), Amanda Outcalt (University of California, Davis), Tessa Filipczyk (University of California, Davis), Siena Watson (University of California, Davis), Camille Frias (University of California, Davis), Olivia Zanzonico (University of California, Davis), Jolie Lobrutto (University of California, Davis), Benjamin Weaver (University of California, Santa Cruz), Sam Prado (University of California, Santa Cruz), Norma González Buenrostro (Santa Rosa Junior College), Dafne Bradley (Santa Rosa Junior College), Laura Ros (Universitat de Barcelona).